Terms of Service

Thank you for your interest in commissioning Wearcat Creations! Please read this page in it’s entirety before submitting for an official quote. Our commissions are available to those 18+ with proof of ID.

Allergy Warning

We have dogs, cats (two are hairless), and a ferret. The dogs and cats do not come into my studio space. Please let me know if you have any allergies that may cause issues.


Shipping is due upon completion of the suit. Shipping prices are always changing. In the US they range from $80-$140 depending on the size of your finished fursuit. All of my suits are always shipped insured.

International Shipping varies from $80-$500 depending on country. Please note, YOU MAY HAVE DUTY TAXES ON TOP OF SHIPPING. Please research your country’s taxes before commissioning us. Taxes can range from 5%-20% of the price you paid for your suit.



Our custom calculator can give you an estimation of fursuit pricing, even when we aren’t open for commissions. If we are open for commissions, only click submit when you are ready to actively start the commission process.

Please note that this is an estimation. Extremely complex suits/characters can make the price go higher. Also note that our commission prices can change before we open for official submissions.

Commission Submission:

When our commissions are open, it will be announced on Instagram, our website, and Twitter. We open only a few times a year for submissions, and take on a handful of suits. This means it is NOT first come first serve when we open. 

When we are open, you can go to our commissions page and upload your reference. We will reach out to you within the time-line of our submissions being open. You will have 48 hours to respond to our e-mail to reserve your slot and 72 hours to make your payment. If you are not prepared to make a payment within 72 hours, do not submit a quote! You are welcome to reach out to me with any questions prior to submitting an official quote.

You CAN always view the price calculator, which is itself the submission form. Simply don't click submit if you are not ready to move forward. The submission button is live when applications are being accepted. The calculator and form is always available HERE.

Commissions Available:

  • Heads only
  • Mini-Partials
  • Partials
  • Full Plantigrade Suits
  • Full Digitigrade Suits
  • Bodysuits only DEPENDING.
    • If you have previously commissioned us for a head, or
    • purchased a pre-made, you can commission us for just a body.

Services Not Offered:

  • Realistic Style Suits
  • Glass Eyes
  • Copyright Characters

The Queue/Expected Completion Times:

Once your suit is PAID IN FULL you are added to the official Wearcat Creations queue. Completion time once you are in the queue is dependent on who is in front of you in the queue. Fursuits are completed in the order they are fully paid for. 

The current wait time for a partial suit is 6 months and 1 year for a full suit.

This is after you are paid in full, and does not apply to those on a payment plan. Those on a payment plan can expect their suit at a later date than those paid in full. 

This is not the actual amount of time it takes to make your suit, but is an estimation of current queue size/ordering supplies/other projects WearCat Creations is working on. We are always striving to provide more, and are always researching new and better ways to construct your suit.

Pre-made heads are also offered throughout the year and worked on alongside commissions. Wearcat Creations does not take deadlines. Our suits are custom made to you, and rushing would result in a subpar product we would not want to ship out. It is also not fair to those who have been in the queue longer. 


If you are ordering a full-suit, a duct tape dummy must be provided. We recommend wearing painters coveralls underneath so it can easily be removed. Make sure the duct tape is overlapping, and you can leave the zipper area open on the painters coveralls so you can remove the dummy easily.

This is a two person job! Do not try to dummy yourself, it's tough. Use a high-quality tape. Work cannot begin on your body until we receive your dummy!

If your dummy is not overlapped with tape, or made in a poor manner, you will be required to send a new dummy. They need to maintain their proper shape, or I cannot guarantee a proper fit.

Custom Character:

You must have a clear reference sheet of your character. Front view and back view required. Side view is also helpful, especially if you are getting a full-suit. If you do not have a reference sheet, one can be added for $100. The fur colors will be matched to your reference. If you have specific fur in mind, and have ordered swatches, let us know.

Wearcat Creations makes toony style fursuits. Please be familiar with our style and work before commissioning us. 

Artistic Liberty:

Don’t have a character? Love our pre-mades, but have an idea in mind? We offer artistic liberty commissions. Let us know the colors you like, the species, and any ideas about their personality. We will design you a character! There is no additional charge for Artistic Liberty, and you will receive a free Reference Sheet. 

You will be able to request changes to the design 2x after you are presented with the original design.

Customer Satisfaction:

You will be provided multiple WIPs photos as we work on your commission. Telegram is the easiest way for me to provide these updates to you. If you are unhappy with something, bring it to our attention immediately so it can be fixed. Once the suit is completed, changes will not be made.

Fur color is decided by us and approved by the customer. If you are unsure of a fur color, you can order swatches from all of the major retailers. We have a swatch board of our colors on hand, and can always order more fur.

Due to the current global supply chain issues, certain furs may not be available. 

Payments/Payment Plans:

Payments are due within 72 hours of your submission being accepted. We prefer Paypal for their buyer and seller protection, but also accept Zelle and Cashapp. Shipping is NOT included in your price, and will be paid upon completion of the suit.

Payment plans are accepted with a 25% deposit for full-suits and 50% for partials and smaller. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. It is used to order supplies. Payments must be made on the same day each month, with a minimum payment of $300. If you are on a payment plan, you are on a wait-list. You will be added to the bottom of the official queue once PAID IN FULL.


The 25% deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. Refunds on suits once they are complete are not available due to the custom nature of the item. If you are unhappy with your suit before it is completed, and would like a refund, let us know. We can refund 70% of the price and alter what we have made to sell as a pre-made. You will receive your refund once that pre-made has sold. We reserve the right to refuse a refund.


All heads and small parts have a 60 day warranty, and full-suits have a 90 day warranty. This warranty includes any ripped seams, holes, wrong sizing, adhesive failing. Shipping must be paid by the customer. If the sizing is wrong due to customer error, it will not fall under our warranty. Please ensure you have your measurements correct, and a good duct tape dummy.